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Learn to run efficiently with more energy, less effort and reduced risk of injury.

What is ChiRunning?
ChiRunning is an approach to running that takes the pain and pounding out of running in favor of a relaxed, smooth and efficient form. It draws from the ancient wisdom of T’ai Chi and applies some basic laws of physics. It is moving how we were designed to move. When describing an aspect of the technique, time and time again, students say “oh, that makes total sense”. Students learn to run in a way that is powerful but fluid. The Chi Running technique gives you a feeling a running barefoot without ditching your shoes. Many Chi Runners enjoy wearing minimal shoes

Frequently asked questions:
Why should I take running lessons?
Statistics show that 65% of runners will be sidelined by injury each year. Most often it is their running form that is hurting them. For people who wish to run for years with no pain and feeling relaxed and efficient an investment in learning ChiRunning will set you on that path. Try this - compare the cost of personal training, massage sessions, golf, tennis or swim lessons to the cost of an injury or the value of improving your running for life.
I am a beginner. Should I get into shape first?
You do not need any experience to learn ChiRunning. In fact, learning good form right from the start will make your running feel easier as you will be more efficient and learn how to avoid injury.
I am an experienced runner - how will I benefit?
A revolutionary aspect of the technique that competitive athletes enjoy is increasing speed through relaxing. They also experience faster recovery and less interruption to their training program.
Can ChiRunning help triathletes?
Yes! Triathletes love ChiRunning. Having used their quadriceps on the bike the ChiRunning technique enables them to give their legs a rest and conserve energy. The focus is on core, relaxing your legs and letting gravity do the work.

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chirunning book

chirunning book