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ChiWalking is an inspirational, mind-body, heath and fitness program that will get you up and out, and moving towards better health.

The ChiWalking Form emphasizes proper biomechanics of walking, based on principles of T'ai Chi, including:  good  posture, loose joints, engaging one's core muscles, and relaxing the peripheral muscles of the arms and legs. This approach makes walking easier on the body and helps improve and eliminate the aches, pains and discomfort of walking incorrectly. Since walking is such a basic, every day movement, when your walking form is improved, the benefits are far reaching.

ChiWalking takes the benefits of walking beyond cardiovascular, aerobic and mental health, by addressing the needs of your whole person; joints and muscles, body and soul.

Join us in a workshop for a great introduction to the ChiWalking technique. You'll get lots of personal attention and enjoy a rich learning experience packed with good information to help you walk in balance for the rest of your life.
What you'll get:
  • Introduction to the ChiWalking method
  • Injury-prevention techniques
  • Core muscle drills and exercises
  • Upper body and lower body usage
  • Personal check-in tricks and tools
  • Innovative technique drills
  • How to relax and conserve energy at any walking speed
  • Handouts of all the material covered in the workshop