Hello and Welcome to Stride By Stride

Are you ready to enhance your experience with running or walking? Are you frustrated with getting injured time and time again and are starting to wonder if this is really the sport for you? Do you want to improve so that you can get faster - or is your motivation increased enjoyment in movement? You might even be curious about trying barefoot running or wearing minimal shoes and wondering how to adjust? Perhaps you are just starting out - or returning to exercise after a long lay off so the art of injury prevention is important to you. We all have our reasons for incorporating exercise into our lives and Stride by Stride is here to help you reach your chosen goal.

My name is Hazel Wood and over the last eight years I have helped runners of all abilities and ages rediscover the joy that moving well and without pain can bring.

Nobody likes getting injured - the forced time off, not seeing your running or walking buddies, the expense of treatment ..... the list goes on. When you learn the ChiRunning and ChiWalking technique you will have real tools to protect you from the injuries that typically plague runners and walkers. More than 24 million people in the U.S. alone run, however 65% of runners in the U.S., 15.6 million people, will have to stop running at least once during the year due to injury. Millions more quit or avoid running because of injury or the fear of causing long-term damage. By learning the technique you will taking the right steps to avoid becoming another statistic.