Online Coaching

Stride By Stride offers options for online coaching.

For runners training for specific events for distances from 5K to marathon distance and for people following a walk/run program it is recommended that you purchase one of the
e-Chi Training Programs.

This program focuses on runners who not only envision fitness and well-being for themselves but who are ready to implement a personal program to achieve their goal.
It is for women of all fitness levels who seek practical and useful information and guidance, personalized programs, inspiration, motivation, access to experts.

Studies show that people achieve their goals more easily when they have follow-through support and accountability mechanisms that help them keep on track and make adaptations when necessary.

Runners who choose to follow and implement the ChiRunning technique will receive assistance with the ChiRunning Half Marathon Training Program or Marathon Training Program or shorter distances.

Hazel Wood
or phone 415-459-1840