Testimonials, Reviews on ChiRunning

“I try to practice what I learned in your class whenever I run. I find it very helpful. My running is much more comfortable and I feel I can run longer. I also have very little muscle pain after a run.”

“I wanted to send a quick thanks for all the great sessions at Kezar. The tips have honestly made a huge positive impact on the way I run, and I will definitely be practicing the techniques into the future. Being able to run more easily makes my first full marathon seem a lot less scary.”

“Thanks for sending the documents and movies. They definitely helped me through the race. The marathon went well. My goal was to finish the run without walking, and I did :-)”

I’ve tried running off and on throughout my life and I could never seem to find that “zone” that serious runners refer to. After taking the ChiRunning classes, I quickly realized my inability to find that “zone” was primarily due to the “way” I was running. By the end of the classes, I was running up and down hills with more ease than I ever imagined, and I was on a “high”. Patti L

I am just discovering ChiWalking and I am amazed. I started reading the book yesterday and for my walk today I tried aligning myself and body sensing. I couldn’t believe with just that small bit of change the great walk I had. I walked 50 minutes and it felt like 30 or less and no pain. I have a herniated disk and it felt great. all I can say is wow. I was afraid it might be too good to be true, but I proved myself wrong! Robin